Joanna Furgal

Photographer, Therapeutic Photography & Photo-Language Facilitator, Trainer
Joanna Furgał comes from Tychy, Poland. From the last 20 years, she supports people and works internationally as a photographer and facilitator, trainer. She is involved in preparing creative photo – sessions and workshops for people of different social, cultural backgrounds, non-government organisations, collectives, foundations and corporations. Joanna uses active learning methods to develop soft skills, team building, leadership skills, diversity and inclusion programs, self-confidence, creativity and much more. She combines her love for photography with a passion for education, creating processes in which she uses the tools - Points of You®. This combination takes participants on a beautiful inner journey and allows them to discover more and more about themselves.
Etwas, das mich kürzlich inspiriert hat: Moments of reflections, especially the ones coming in nature, where I can feel silence and peace. Kindness, photography, music, true people and simple life moments. There I find very often full spectrum of the inspirations.

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